Western Village of Payson

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Western Village of Payson is not just a shop, it’s a destination that attracts visitors from all over the world .


Come visit our 30,000 sq. ft. store and take a tour of our vast and diverse selection of vintage indian rugs, western home furnishings, cowboy memorabilia, outdoor wildlife items and unique western antiques.


Its more museum quality than just a store.


House of Amethyst


Offering the best quality gemstones, minerals and fossils!

The House of Amethyst has been providing gem stones, mineral specimens, fossils, rock tumblers and supplies, stone eggs and spheres and lapidary material to rock collectors and hobbyists throughout the world for decades.

If you are interested in gemstones and jewelry, our precious and semi-precious gems, including Tanzanite, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire, are available in a wide array of gorgeous cuts, shapes and sizes. Our beautiful selection of gold and sterling silver jewelry cannot be beat!

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Whether you are a beginning rockhound or an experienced mineralogist or mineral collector, you will find a world-class selection of gem and mineral specimens here, along with collecting tools, supplies and accessories.

From arrowheads to zeolites, the House of Amethyst has established itself as a top quality supplier of exotic minerals and fossils from the world over. You will enjoy our extensive selection of dinosaur teeth, bone, eggs, trilobites, ammonites and crystals of every sort.


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