Western Village of Payson

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Western Village of Payson is not just a shop, it’s a destination that attracts visitors from all over the world .


Come visit our 30,000 sq. ft. store and take a tour of our vast and diverse selection of vintage indian rugs, western home furnishings, cowboy memorabilia, outdoor wildlife items and unique western antiques.


Its more museum quality than just a store.


About the Western Village of Payson

The story behind Western Village truly begins in the sixties when Western Village owner Sue Malinski’s parents began harvesting world renowned amethyst from the Four Peaks Mine located between Payson and Phoenix. “I come from a family of people who truly love the Earth. My mother and father were huge rock hounds. They chose Arizona to move to from Minnesota because it was so untouched. You could find fabulous things just walking around. My thing was finding arrowheads,” smiles Sue. “They mined some of the most beautiful amethyst ever. They started selling to Tiffany’s in New York. Our amethyst can be found all over the world in places like Japan and even in the Crown Jewels in England. We donated pieces to the Smithsonian where they analyzed it and concluded that it has a different structure than amethyst found anywhere else, which accounts for the brilliance of the reds and blues that fire out of it. This is why my parents originally opened the House of Amethyst in Scottsdale and I continued the tradition here by incorporating it into the Western Village.”


Sue has followed her parents’ example of a life well lived. She has owned art galleries in Fountain Hills, Scottsdale’s acclaimed Borgota, Sun City west and Rocky Point Mexico for over twenty years. She owned the Winnie Doll Company, was an art consultant and has led the career of a sought after artist. In the course of achieving all the things she set her mind to, Sue was also a single mother who raised three sons, the youngest of which, Randy, works with her today. After retiring and returning to Payson, Sue decided to pursue another dream. “This property was on the market and was in ruins. It had a service station that opened in 1963. Different businesses came and went, including a car lot, pawn shop and even a feed store. Everyone figured it would be torn down to make way for another building, but I saw the possibility of bringing back the old look and improving upon that. Always visualizing a great antique shop. That was over seven years ago,” notes Sue. “Everything has just grown from there. I have always been a collector. I have a constant desire to discover. I love being able to walk around a flea market and recognize something from a distance, something that is good”.

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